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Quartermaster Hartley - 5 by mr-0bscure Quartermaster Hartley - 5 by mr-0bscure
Steam Powered Giraffe inspired 'fanbot'
Today I decided to paint my face, once again!
I’ve tried painting myself as The Spine before, that turned out pretty well! but this time I wanted to try and design my own robot.
I used silver, gold, black and white Mont Marte face paints, mixed them together to get different tones.
I thought of a little backstory to my robot, not much of one.
Quartermaster Hartley
Not much is known about Hartley’s past, but clues throughout history point the way:
A long time ago, Hartley was simply a cleaning robot that was commissioned by a pirate captain. However, he proved to be quite useful in fights and knew how to steer a ship, so he eventually became Captain of his own pirate ship, after out-living it’s previous Captain.
Hartley was so good of a seafarer that eventually his crew left him, they had nothing to do on his ship and Hartley had no interest in finding treasure or pillaging. Crewless, Hartley drifted his ship in to uncharted waters, simply for the love of the sea, where his ship crashed to the shore of an unknown island. Hartley sat there for years and years, unable to sail away for his ship was too broken.
Hartley’s insides slowly deteriorating and he eventually forgot everything he knew about sailing, just in time for the Titanic to have sailed passed him. He somehow managed to sneak on board while it drifted through the icey waters.
Wallace Hartley, leader of the Titanic’s band, found him in his room, apparently attracted to the brass instruments that had been kept in there. Wallace adopted Hartley, who had no name prior to now, and taught him how to play all kinds of instruments and how to sing. He became a source of entertainment for the Titanic passengers and the captain had no problem with him being there.
When the Titanic crashed, he didn’t survive, he sunk to the bottom of the ocean and rusted away.
Only to be discovered many years later, with the word ‘Hartley’ etched in the back of his neck.
kiwii-marshmallow Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Your make up looks so much like real metal! I was like, no that has to be a clay mask or something, wow! This si the best fanboy design I've ever seen.
mr-0bscure Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
AH Thank you so much!
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